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Simple joint-stock company

Simple joint-stock company is a new form of business activity. t contains elements of normal stock company and limited liability company.. It’s a kind of non-public share-holding company, that is characterised by solutions such as:

  •  Implementation of innovative ideas, in particular those made by start-ups;
  • Implementing low value authorised capital (minimum value is 1 PLN);
  • Possibility of quick registration in National Court Register;
  • Abundance of an organ such as supervisory board, which makes managing the company easier;a. – Low number of founders of the company (it usually requires only one person);
  • Efficient mechanism of protection of creditors;
  • Implementing solutions that enable possibility to bring services and work much easier, without costly processes.
  • Polish Simple joint-stock company is easier to manage than classic stock company and it is also much easier to dissolve.”

  • Clients: Ethan Hunt
  • Completion: February 5th, 2017
  • Project Type: Villa, Residence
  • Architects: Logan Cee